Application introduction of PET textured protective film performance


The PET textured protective film is made of polyester film as the base material, coated with acrylic resin adhesive on the raw material side by a coating machine, and then rolled. The surface texture of the pet textured protective film is neatly distributed, the thickness of the PET protective film is between 30 and 130 μm, and the viscosity is divided into ultra-low viscosity, low viscosity, medium viscosity, medium high viscosity and high viscosity. The thickness and viscosity of the PET textured protective film can be selected according to different bonding materials. What is the performance and application of PET textured protective film? Next, the editor of the manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction, the details are as follows:

1. High matching degree and wide range of use, a variety of materials can be used with the same protective film;

2. High cleanliness, which can reduce the damage of materials;

3. The dot structure can disperse the pressure and reduce the probability of direct damage of impurities and crystal points;

4. It is easy to fit and peel off, which can improve the efficiency of automatic assembly and reduce the defect rate;

5. It has the function of automatic bubble removal. When testing the product, the protective film can be restored, which can achieve the same effect as the equipment.